DiamanteDesk Open Source Helpdesk

Customers send support requests
Support requests from customers nowadays could come in many ways
Disordered requests produce disorder in data
DiamanteDesk is FREE Open Source easy-to-use help-desk solution.
This customer service software allows easy customizations to meet unique business needs.
It’s based on modern technology stack (PHP 5, Symfony2, Oro Platform, Bootstrap) that provides high reliability, flexibility, scalability and extensibility.
Our support ticketing system helps to bring quality of your customer care to the new level.
Support Everywhere

Reasons why you need support software

  • customers are sensitive to quality of support service

  • number of social networks users grows by 12.5% annually, it is estimated that there will be around 2.13 billion social network users around the globe, up from 1.4 billion in 2012. More than 70% of customer requests via social media are unanswered.

  • digitally empowered consumers are no longer only interacting with companies through a single channel. They send e-mails, private messages via Facebook, submit “contact us” form on your website or refund/return form on your eCommerce store, call by phone and the most important they’re waiting for answers via the same channel.

  • people more likely share online bad experience than good one (50% vs 30%), unanswered support requests or wasting time can cost you reputation.

Problems & Solutions offered by DiamanteDesk

Key Features of DiamanteDesk

  • open-source allows full control over the system and its code base, easy customizations, extra development and integrations as well as building strong community around the product
  • modern and the most prospective technologies used: PHP 5, Symfony2, OroPlatform, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
  • deep integrations with CRM systems (OroCRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc), eCommerce solutions (Magento and Prestashop platforms, Shopify, eBay and Amazon marketplaces and stores, etc) and bug-tracking/project management tools (Jira, YouTrack, Redmine, Basecamp, etc)
  • full control of the system via API (Application Programming Interface)

We know that there are a lot of helpdesk alternatives, that solve most of standard issues but also we know that there are a lot of companies that have special needs and they cannot be satisfied by standard tools. that's why we create open source customer support software to meet your unique needs and follow your business logic


Open Source
Twitter Bootstrap
HTML5 and CSS3
  • Symfony

    We’ve chosen Symfony because of numerous reasons. It’s hard to list them all, but we’ll try. Currently Symfony is the most robust and community driven framework in PHP world. It takes all bleeding edge features available in PHP. It’s well documented, maintained and supported by community developers all over the world.

  • PHP

    Language that has long Web history. It supports full stack of technologies used for communication in the Internet between different applications. And it allows us to develop fast robust RIA software. Taking into account big leaps done with latests versions, there is no doubt in our choice.

  • Open Source

    Diamante Desk respects Open Source ideology. We want build our product as Open Source project. Our team took part in other big Open Source projects before and willing to continue contribute to such wonderful world.

  • Oro Platform

    Nowadays building software from scratch without using frameworks looks quite inefficient. This way you’ll be solving everyday problems which were solved already. So our choice was Oro Platform built utilizing popular technologies in PHP such as Symfony, Doctrine and it allows us to focus on building enterprise level application with speed which wasn’t seen anytime before

  • Twitter Bootstrap

    Building an Open Source project based on frameworks is de facto standard nowadays. It’s something that decreases learning curve and increases community around your project dramatically. So choice of Twitter Bootstrap was obvious, because it gives ease of development and it’s quite remarkable.

  • HTML5 & CSS3

    HTML5 and CSS3 provide us cleaner code, better interactions (more possibilities to make websites more dynamic and enjoyable for users), mobile friendly and cross browser support (better ranking of websites by search engines like Google).

About OroPlatform

The Oro Platform is an Open source Business Application Platform (BAP). It offers developers the exact business application platform they’ve been looking for, by combining the tools they need. Built in PHP5 and the Symfony2 framework, developing custom business applications has never been so easy.


System basics
  • Attachments to branches
  • Custom configurable fields for tickets
  • Branch level permissions (restrict CRUD operations to specific branches for specific groups or users)
  • Ticket level permissions (restrict CRUD operations to specific tickets for specific groups or users)
Embedded ticketing forms for external systems
  • Shopify integration
  • Prestashop integration
  • Oxid integration
  • Other eCommerce platforms or systems
Customer front-end
  • Customizable columns in ticket grid (move, add, remove columns)
  • Customer front-end permissions (assign customers to specific branch with full permissions to manage all tickets in the branch and create sub-users assigned to the branch)
  • Create, edit, delete sub-users and grant front-end permissions to the same branch
  • Registration and login via social networks
    • Gmail
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Special call-center interface
Integrations with bug tracking and project management systems
  • Youtrack 2-way integration
    • Push tickets from DiamanteDesk to Youtrack
    • Push comments from Youtrack to DiamanteDesk
  • Basecamp 2-way integration
    • Push tickets from DiamanteDesk to Basecamp
    • Push comments Basecamp to DiamanteDesk
  • Redmine 2-way integration
    • Push tickets from DiamanteDesk to Redmine
    • Push comments from Redmine to DiamanteDesk
Integrations with CRM systems
  • SugarCRM
  • Other CRM systems
Social networks integration Migrations
  • Zendesk
  • Freshdesk
  • Other helpdesk systemss


DiamanteDesk is based on OroPlatform and Symfony2 and being developed by Eltrino. We’re a full-service eCommerce solutions provider with 3.5 years of successful experience in development, wide range of completed projects for US, German, Dutch, Belgian, Italian & French clients and developed multiple extensions and modules for Magento and OroCRM. Development is our passion and what we do best.

Our team is balanced and we have developers with great experience, QA engineers, front-end developers, system administrators, project and product managers, marketing managers. Part of our developers are Magento core developers and their unique experience help to create the best help-desk solution ever.

We work just with the latest technologies to ensure the best quality. We're always doing only our best and care about every thing we're working on. We hire just the best people. We're open, transparent and easygoing.

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