DiamanteDesk Open Source Helpdesk

Getting Started

DiamanteDesk application was built using Symfony 2.3 framework and Oro Platform; therefore, all the prerequisites listed as Symfony and Oro system requirements also refer to DiamanteDesk.

In addition, here is a list of requirements related specifically to the DiamanteDesk application:

  • - app/attachments folder needs to be writable;
  • - NPM package manager needs to be installed;
  • - Grunt needs to be installed (globally);
  • - Bower needs to be installed (globally).

You can also check whether your system meets all the requirements from the command line. In order to do that, after you get the application code, execute the following command:

php app/check.php

To install DiamanteDesk you also need to setup MySQL database server with an empty database that will be used later on.

DiamanteDesk uses Composer to manage package dependencies. Use this link to download it. All the following examples are be based on the assumption that the composer have been

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